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Schoolproject, 2010

Projectpartners: Konstfack
Timeframe: 3 weeks
Materials: PU foam, lacquer, plastic animal

In a society affected by constant pressure of time, sleep is a subject of strict regulation. An alarm clock is the objectification of this regulation. It symbolizes the victory over the natural body, it stands for an instrumental control of one's physiological rhythm.

«Sova» is a means of deceleration and self-awareness. The emphasis is shifted from the wake-up time to the duration of sleep and raises the awareness for this subject through its visualization. Sleeping sufficiently is of vital importance for the body's own regenerative activities and has a positive influence on performance as well as on mental and physical health. The alarm clock works like an egg-timer: the duration of sleep is set by pulling on the string, whereupon hours and minutes are divided graphically, thereby also allowing for short «siestas» of only a few minutes. To provide additional temporal orientation, a watch is integrated into the alarm clock, but in a way that it isn't visible from within the bed and becomes secondary. The soft form together with the animal-knobs on the end of the «timeline» play with a certain stuffed cuddly toy-analogy, trying to work against the object's negative connotation and to make the transition from dream world to reality as smooth as possible.