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Exercise de style

Master project, Part 1, 2011


Fantasy and creativity of a designer see themselves confronted with innumerous restraints in the everyday work-activities. May it be in form of production norms and standards, special client requests, specific material properties and certain trends that are to be considered, may it be the limited possibilities of man and machine or – most essential – financial and temporal restrictions – they all may be understood as constraining factors for a designer.
My Master project deals with this issue of arbitrary-deliberate constraints in the designing and thereby refers to Oulipo-literature and -methods, as an attempt to translate their literature ambitions into design. The attention is put on the creation process, the experimental working and the dealing with the constraints, whereat different phases of the design process or elementary, significantly the design influencing factors are submitted to a regulation.

«Exercices de style» is a lamp series that refers to Raymond Queneau's famous Exercises in Style in which one and the same story is being told in a multitude of different styles. The shape of a lampshade is being repeated in ten different materials and producing method, whereupon the respective properties and requirements of each material where to be dealt with in a creative way and brought out through the design – the constraint being obstacle and stimulation at the same time.